Monday, May 24, 2010

this way for the real folks

 This way for the real folks . the lama bends forwaard shaking her wheel and tool. and the fog and fool of marriage wait. Artaud said it a long time ag o. O Dalai LamA!______Jill: dont pick on him! he lost his country!  Franny: and what Artaud was a long time ago then to its athen. Mona : slippers on her signaling toe sailingher curve up the faucet of links and connecting  . Blesses: No more blessing in this world of immanent cries .

Yer very tired religion. yer worn buckles are crafty blinks in the erosion. ofthe stone .and its far fetched   things... not necessary in the clerical sky of its humming ... and the blue of earth... the tears of masonry  and if the morning is dusk its  summery eyes've no replacement the word 's matter cutting the planet in four its section'd loaves the harbinger of thought and the thoroughs of love's  ...