Saturday, May 15, 2010


jnana_ the state of ..... Not marijuana! silly woman I love her thighs. if she had a glass pen she'd and then she'd yes, she'd glass ... glass...  and penning his name everywhere... she''d love it there... his voice hers....

Tingle tangle her long hair. Fringed by the face. Its forlorn fustiness an alcoholic ravage. Plain to day its loving needed loving toits wrinkle and bare its plumage a cape resting its blessed  need to be wool and loved. Without pulling the wool overher eyes and the woman's moralization always . Men one must say yes

____________Shes sure its not becomings of a lady to huzzah! this style of hooliganism!

_______________Piff paff and garden rose, yer gardenia gaderene swine   ~.