Sunday, May 30, 2010

france, dollar and the metropolis


dollar_if she's ethereal > its ebb night floward... money it's what does it the calibrate misery ... O hunger O this that and Mona's jewel thief's somber song... clicking over in snowshoing gear. What's fear that crumbles its castle that way but a trial lugging kidneys, spleen, guts, timber, elephants, Rimbaud, drawings of , erasers, __________gesso think of the painters! in history ! time! the multitude the miracle dispropertied from the humdrum dumdum of time's mighty manacle.. Embraced by solitude night and the givens of fire, forest, and plenitude. So love goes its boat a tripping thing along the trombones of time ~ .

____________________________She's no capitalist with a fisticuff of love