Sunday, May 16, 2010


 Did it stank Dido?
Inword it has along the skunk of your thighs, a breat aplate to lovers.

A hell fief of lovers, eh you dug out wench.Waitress to the seven guineas. and the punch drunk salvo of your name, slobbering at the unity of self and the devourer. Blank and the cottage cheese misses a misery , perish the punishing of its puling tide.

_______________If it's  a marked deck of cards you're playing for play again your old time records the speed a diamond needle of caught billiards and skinny tubes. Along the water banks, potato seed and kitchen goods.  For every spike heads or tails it's your guess is as good as hers, she's clobbered the whole unity self. A dragon! to her ball busting breath.A  slag heap to destination and its predatory chance.

Oona's tended several crumblers in her time but none so many as this.