Monday, May 10, 2010

come along

come along?: where to: I accept: is that condign thing your box? plastic pickings for your graybeard hippy. and the river baffled bare and something . and . and then . no ! hold it, we're back to Germany 1978. stuff is happening we walk over the city of old nazi ruins and caches of hidden fascists feelings . somewhere over. yes, its where and how. they pumped them.... here were the beatings ... here fights between working

reds and blacks of the fascists.. 1933 Berlin ? yes, other and the other cities.. yes, them was fighting bloody-handed block to city house and rented places to their slum dwelling not a pot to piss in and then the bastards come along with armored truc

reds and brigades of books, calm never nerves. solo .... and the door there's where the philosopher stood he stood turning turning his turning ...a nd the door over... there.... THat one yes, ...
yeah, that's

the one Husserl left from... its after he was ..
kicked.... out ..

... why do you care so much about Husserl... I don't I m just saying... ... waves of noise around battering the hour

thought glanced along that street...

along that street thought went ... the door out walking man in a beard... and glasses and walking home in the rain...

Jill and Franny knew this.

Saw the seconds of the trigger. and the ~