Tuesday, May 04, 2010

repair renew

MOna said vamoose when he made love to another woman. She thought she . Knowing difference was identical to living similitude. It was knotted pine floors along oak tree. and  the gentry do very well for themselves the Empire collecting their flowers. and the woman lie and whore. as alway. double fat .  triple chine lieth the liver. and kidney pie baked the gods. gobble gobble cheek west by east pore the giver down.

  Not the doublespeak of desire but the capitalist prong banging down! Heel dog! heel !  ..   sharp cuts of busted mouths... terrrifed ppppouulaitions scuyrriing from overdressed outnumbered copsfuzzz but why are they afraid as the outnumber themby thousands why obey the ones that beat them!

_________________Mona kicked ass down the shell road and she was beaten in turn___   O hohoho fasict gapholes in the daily life. the sickugly man on bus. back . pants fallin off his shitdead.  his dead. calling chinese grocer 'boss' speaks none all dead. skinny fate.