Friday, May 14, 2010


always the spider web of your criticism the judge of other's energy & imagination their liberal love and great swerving creation. Yet this was not Jill but the enemy's bond  ~ . the small matter of smaller men and their spite the pious priestly robes of the monk   ~ the priest peevish castig desire to the west? yes, it was there the grappling strata of conviction right and hatted hate, from the tibetan red hat rhymes to the black hat ss skunks and t heir gangster bonds/ not differing from the monotheisitc monstrosities manaics of the one upstanding gangstagawd the bawd of beggars headmasks facetasking masked bythe ribbons of the veiled penuriousness.

So Jill shoved off into the wild Indian beyonder freed of veils forts,and the seventy two commands of the desert gods

She stripped naked a lady goddess fucksucking with the lovingwinds
                    her breast

Lover moves off these grounds we're hightailing it to the winds...