Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the one called educate

 if the one's two and cuttin' across the swathe of bodies then what becomes of the ebb of flow, and ode to leisure. In Prague you said she was smooth as long slim sliding silk. the aleatory was her favorite name. She came to camp and long . And then repetition a goose for going . And names. And other mattering by the shoring of pulleys and a woman's  plaint. Plaiting her tresses as they say her dresses. Mona's favorite was Brigid Bardot's cut eye deep in the brows of that dangerous serious eroticism and what became of that. A fascism took the rooms  in bitterness it was the boy Rimbaud one night I  sat beauty on my lap  O sorcerers! O moons! witches _______________he found her revulsive the Ogress that eats. the shame that sows the silk purse of its barrow, and the harrowing knack its empire building  chant

    __________Not this way the loves but tenderness as its bait
                     I found her that . Jack recits the whistle of love