Wednesday, May 05, 2010

every tom cat

________________For every chevron Mona has a verse. Transverse over here mouth across the eyes of the men and women marching   ~
Every cat has its day. So the gases are yours the death. Mocking assuage allude conclude the unconcluding amnesia of your indirect forest .she calls this one coward pontification her way thru a small misery in the name of a larger while the idiots bay and the lambs beep slaughter! slaughter! slaughter! you shit bags come to the cross. of Rominzation and domination and of these fortifications Greece burns yet not enough to knocka  few thousand pieces for good. People want their pensions! they are insecure! they've been invaded by another culture they are virused/trauma centres by the hundred open /hundreds of trauma center counselors to head on holidays/always the cheap holiday package's for t he good silent scinece   researchers and their bullies to serve god and man and the state capitalist hitler to death not hitler capitalist take their only left over daily bread! consumer wage! consumer rage! or apocalyptic fury! as help is on the way the capitalists IMF come to crash and bore loading down the peoples Multiple with more to less the austere of the richprofitting  against the rest

Do you feel sorry for the compassion? is the rude wake long sufficient to quell barbarism no man has seen the shields busting heads and the gas dispelling rumours of love . not war but thought is the patchwork  __ labour's banter  is best share along the wealth of nations
  and Jill hearing the sun