Tuesday, July 27, 2010

for now

 You take Franny  moon-eyed  heaping up her miseries one at a time spending, mopping, washing, ___ No, not hushing but blushing at the waste and ingratitude of the paranoiac female machine self centered au bout de la limit and now 

(and Franny's not female that way but becoming woman as wave flow furl farther to its latent pier)
           with the cellular' contraptions and gizmos __ they can really go to town! As long as they wait she howls! Girded grief bellow to the  horn rimmed goddess. 
                God bless her molasses skirt__ Moon blind as she gets set for the cage? in the telegram's waiting clasp .

Tawny tusked    ~  and ribbon weighted she's balling out her boons  ~  .

Tusked tongued    ~  rillfull  night