Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mona promised


Mona promised them everything but jived  Chanel . if at the tip of the belvedere . She'd marched the happy  bog and burrowed feet to its grifting canal.

jACKY climb the prisoners the maniacs and others wept  like fat blueberries at the weak . Not again! she should learn her shakespeare before westward winging her bongo boots, wee fellows troubled by narrows and straits. or saying the twice tried bonnet of the lady's clasp. Hasped to her union with the fog and shoe . 

Blessed be the apes of her cock!

No one hears everything   ~.

__________If her
If her legs were naked she'd take them off and fornicate them. Such twisting shapely things. Made her cocktongue ring~ O mountains culverst and shares of her   ~