Monday, October 02, 2006


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A tear wet the case. A cannikin slake yer brain.

You come here see this leave, yanking (leavings) its input to you, chiaroscuro backdrop life, he puts on the famous metal hat, squaring the ridge of your jaw,a lady's receding hairline, wishing to back bunt so as to push your page, ring your sweet heart.

Jill know there is a sleeve her, chilblain to her effort.
Bessy waitress come to reconnoiter the hour, telephone.

Whirr of coronet to shin and skin palpedto amaze. orgasm of pre-oedipii clacking again feet. Or written wrist elbow and EyE.

You come hear, you will never see it again. Go back to where I come from with your hair lined festoon, to brag your back. and Lover.

Steel that, or then its iron work girder , Mona gangstered by the Paris translations, the early work and middle level, shanghaied ridden in the schizoanalytic trunk. Some dead coiffure there, not a calotte's burial cap, or some twisting thing of hair, you come over its eight o'clock you do not leave, Mona come back to the door, Mona come back to the door, she walk she walk to the coffered, ceiling the nave, the vine worked side of the rear window, anchored, by her strumming, Mona went to the fruitvine, sending her name to the fair in the _

You were coming there, you saw here coming adding a fool to a list of ding dong dings dong, and rest. Not some caterpillar making its snake of a nest bifurcates its next of kith and kin.

Before it come to dusk, rider handy as fish, turnin the caltrop , scroggin line, on the palomino huddlin' the rain .