Thursday, October 19, 2006

MinImUm word wage

Minimum words was his wage. Wage of semantic

Cut Dry Rope!

skedang !

something like Mundane blonde, you dig? its chic on the far side of things, its ocean view a bedrock of dumbdeath. Over the well, a star peeper. Yer peepers clocked waybeds and billy bootings. Cahoots with the rock and rollers. Was this the seconding trade of triune felt rope? destiny?
painting Mary Joseph and Jesus on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Its rivers and tear
a doubt for you.....

Shush, as Prof. Hat pinions his wheat clappers on you. BY the living lord of the rude rood!

Death aint no sin for your wage. Care is not your package, and the hilly hills of backwood Dublin not your fate! Or pate as children know who know any womanhas a destiny in her head. Belonging to doubt and gruel. Because chicken is what doubt eats, and gruel is what they feed.

Then so, so this, sow buttons, sew buttons on .