Thursday, March 15, 2012

the Love bone-


Mona of the love bone, thinks all I sent and send to the list refers to her and I!! 

whart are w 

Bafeful bane one and two bane is on thee! Banish! Panish! Spanish!

                                            do publish 
and we shall rake billions of the episteme publisher and heepertexts!!

stay in the archive of the futurres
Alert me when u go Messenger 

Deline, Clouis. 

Mona's writing. She's written the schizoyour friend's heart. Epilogue and rhaphsode!

A volume to come with 6 books, two recordings, and three whatchelse.

______________________her nickname Deline Louis~ A Clarifictation of sense, dollars, and unsensibilities. A delirous re(com)position in 82 partings.
Of the way.
and other fold and velour.

Thus verlainelefou!