Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jacky and the cunning witch you one she is

This is segmental.

 Come again you hearties. back to the land. and avenues of .
whose legs     ..                     covered   .             cobbed  ..             cobwebbed .

                 whose legs covered web

         legs covered
___________________She hates to read news along the strata of  her bayou. She's roughed up her eyes then Ear. This is a troublesome pirate. A regular around the clock bucaneer.
                          'covering legged cobweb'
                                              'cobwebbed legs covering '
                                                                        ' angles' 

She /
 whose legs were covered in piss
                                                                     piss not peeve
Peeved at the medication  /punkies/ 
            dry skin
                     an     whose potato peel sphaghetti pale skin
                                                cross eyed leaning into his Ear
                          i tell you a joke
And they shat pants. And . 
                                           her hand jerking jerked him 
  her hand reached into his short pants on the swing 
                                                                                she whispered a joke into his ear
             on the swing Sunday afternoon
                                                                    Linda the cross eyed  'Olive oil'  you could say
she was between Vincennes and the other 

travels abroad_______________________&; A  Gab's her name she's got seven sheets to her ribs. Shes got a qualified case of pneumoia not the river of C. and bee stank round the faded glade of her buttgoal. And she was buttlocks galore. round the tree of ., not a south but wondering to its desire hymen busted gutted by its geese. and the southern gore. to be discontinued .

                            A Gab is not Ahab! you gooser! Malarkey is what she says. Come to her farm she's got things galore and more.

was hard its  traditional 
O cruel creature. lay down to your marriage mirage. She am love to its lickmost. Oluv her sigh, and shes wanting her wanting Ja cky. She/s t he united 3 of 2. A thousand rhyming sexes.


 You've heard that narrative. Feel. Shes got  skinglowworm.Or country feet. A luxury hotel in her bathroom. Her bathing room.Her bath.