Wednesday, November 25, 2009


He feel this hour its burst upon the plain grazing ruminating as wishes do over watering buffaloes or how her hips stretch meeting myhands fluttering cowering over her thigh, hip leg mouth to fur of secret wished for mouth

.Carried by weather and time. returned tuned to love's bawdy. If Jill holds her ass

does it mean she loving him, hipped to her solo butt ass of god and goddess breaks the dawning night of their loving all nightlong mouths.

This will becomed to her becomely as witch's brooms and feral feet frog feet and then other bark backed chairs hover in the air of the sucking seed . Love which is the fourth saw ofthe square world always knew their name.

Crossing the road, she's yanked to her mouth bred to his loving catch, cocked to his

winging lover body.


Tame to this wick,

wicked to this incest she huffed her mouth over his sex wondered at his beauty, she circles, cries, mother mother, as her lover ~ --.