Monday, November 02, 2009

born after

Born after Knight. The day's long lady . With her hankie and inopportune moment. Call this read, legend, make shit, and balance blankets. Dont' sear judgement from the songs, every trellis has its orchard and chauffering paradise past the prime plateau.

Jill's kerchief. Its the 1950's and jewels are very everything.

WOnders'll never cease down the byway and highway of self and something as thimblerigged as the old theosophical con....

Mona's happenstance is the glance
of and
Haphazard as the hussy
she's booked her any ....
and brooks no contradiction

Diction hunkering both ways, her sidesaddle
the trotting on of wishing hunt me downs, and love's hot bacon. The backgammon of truss and fuss around... one can only hear these things twice.