Sunday, November 22, 2009

mend between 'scenes'

___________Plateau of categories 1984; Domains of sureness; The cognitive release.

--------------------------------- Who was Pierre Felix the seconde? In the one home to her other sexed being?

Pierre felix was working on ecosophy and was a philosophy and could not weigh the difference between quantum and quality. It was like that. He was him_________ the sujet went banannas! ________ she was me, kathyacker came to myplace 74 Roi bis we made lovefucked. She was on welfed _ the I into welfare and rights. We made the fool proof soup living alternatives. I returned to Paris, confessions of a philosophy fool. Later when was later? later, a jerk guitarist got became jealous as Kathy went off with Michael, and Josephine came to me, Cranly's wife . We made the schizz-flow in the cartographies of demain.

(that was all confession!)

(shit repenting! Jill's screaming get out! out!
damn it!)

Once Pierre Felix was out with B they met C a poet from Montreuil who could not speak French with any heart . Because he was raped in French, he was a kid. In the foster-home.

They had no one to rescue him .

If these things be true then nothing is.