Saturday, November 07, 2009

Dizzy spells

The mother wants to. have an oedipal real relation to the daughter's friend. sensing the sexual charge between them, shes not at home, so flinging herself on the Son she says: I love you, her gross lip blubbering her daughter's boobs feeding the newborn infant. What afuck is this. Franny says its a controll freak, patrollin this her daughter's desire for __ getting the fuck out

Mona dons her crash helmet and butts in: do me out of this, and I'll wring your neck! you hag of the seventy dourfour repressions.....

Compassion is not a ring that desire holds close to its heart. She's getting peeved, and ready to ride her bike of f the people precipice of this dirty craven plateau which aint a plateau at all, but

a grimy strata, stucked out with the shit of the crummy poliics of a family

bashed around by the delirious races of history, and its mongrel nightmare.

What does Jack do? He moves out. Carries his pasteboard on the boulevard. Hes on strike, and no one's gonna get his goat. No gussy faced ___ O but its not her fault, say the representatives of the triangle of Mummy Daddy and Me. The real son, pleads with Jack! Dont tell anyone! The mother begs! Dont tell my son (her actual one) Dont breath a word to my daughter!

A house box of melodram and pathetic and not even remotely shameful stories hidden away that candle more grief by the hour.

In another episode the real girlfriend of the actual son tells Jack: O and please dont my boyfriend, I am worried. And everyone is worried goinng round in circles.

Mona's comment: It's a boring Renoir painting and I am getting out gone split, vamoosed, skedaddled.

Gone .____________________________

________________________> Come home to me schizo! Jill puffs to Mona.

The real daughter in the meantime never breaths a word except to say:
Things are not what they seem Jack!
__________________She's married, by the way, to an absent husband. Shes suffering some illness that she cant and wont talk about to anyone, 'specially her aboved named Mother. The mother knows something is wrong, c ause why is her recently married daughter not at home with her nominal husband. He, by the way, calls everyday. He has a daughter, recently hatched this daughter. __ Mona pulls her hair out, yegads, tell it all! get rid of these soaps paleeese.

---- There's more to come and yet more. An unending series of traps, and taboos, (trap door, ball an' chain) block outs keeping anyone from moving.Including the drugged rich schizophrenics of the capitalist asshole.

__________________ This is called Love, this is called Responsibility.

_____________________ Mona falls over
and guess what?