Saturday, November 07, 2009


She has clad, her clothing off. its off a switch. A witch wearing her broom boomerang to her 'to her' and its coming round narrative its belles-lettres blessing.. eats that spot.. hungry.. the cloud round her garden a den ...d 'en
den what? its the hip shake of the prophetic I ache your ... ache that's not a word a word
order order word shes coming round the bend and its three oclock o'cock in the....
shes going blow ass ... look at her move ... lady demure in the subway sitting prim and not so proper ... O hallowed jeanS! conceal yr power! take the woman away from woman!
give the power to the seat... Mona being a becomingsexualsiant knows this is truer as anything shes come in his mouth with her cock... How does 'she' have a cock?


In part 2 ofa previous drama:

My mother the porn star(t).
Turns out he went to bed
with her everyday.
So that might explain
the hip causation of the
above named fracas
Why one mother and
not another she
thought, that is, the one
we already spoke about. She want him to say Mama as
he you know what we cannot
censor the plain truth
but we sure can disguise it
simple incestual pornopunk?
is this punk or royalty in

At the Senate hearing
Jill heard this:
I went to bed
with my mother daily (he smirks... nightly preying across
his thoughtscreen)
she initiated me into a world
of delight satisfaction gratification and joy thats made
me a mature becoming.

Flowed toga women murmur!
No, No!
O Non, Niyeti!~ Nay! O Horror!

A bunch of bumblers... grumbles Mona, her hand under the catch of the ancient ground... Shes got the lenient look on her. She's hammered into the wall. Its all she needs, ten and then none!
Ten bucks and Id do the entire senate!

Back to the confessions here
of the starlit Jill Jack Oonadebonah

Hold my cock hold ithold it
it keeps me happy as you
it keeps me happy and real
in this unreal world of perversions and capitalist gas.

-------------------------------------- She's holding his cock and he's realer and realer and she's real to real, and his hand's gonna sink into her softness that's the match the tinder to his cock lightening. Stick you could say stick.