Tuesday, November 03, 2009

the conjecture

---------------------------------------- For the forgotten fortune. And the travel

without Money: Strata 1978 and counting :

Charity is not an option ...he said. ... Something about the dungeon ...smell ... the shit hanging in the air. it's Paris, 1978, the year before last... Come along to travel, Fanny and Jill've buckled up their belt seats, volume of capital and shitzophrenticas is almost ready to . To what, Mona cries demanding her faux fair share of the capitalist's retreat holiday in a dead Greece land tortured island pirouettes and priorities and to say nothing of the guys getting their balls burned in the cells down the .... road Greece, that charnel house of immigrants dying to get out, and the rest of the hobnailed, regular refugees of the dead forever dying fat past.... O they die to go to USA and Canada and some hole in the wall shitbox, hatbox for new landed immigrants! to make it middle class fuck along the rest rich in the future forever coming over the end of history's fuckall to the end of time ... as for the rest... well..... Fuck that, you chart. Weary__ a boring word, what is it? an adjective? You shitface, its Tired of the red whore of the maps of England, the rolling hills burst with napalm. Call it getting ready to bring down the whole whore-faced hall. The wall! the wall she meant. Amantis lover of mine. In the clear dust lane. Of the awkward pedal fork. Jill says its philosophy with a hammer to smash her enemies heads in, that's her idear of fun... cheap bitch, tawdry stinky ass she is.. this dangle of danger and airplanes coming over Berlin, all that shit and hashish and the rest of the opium gold, and you know the apparatus of state power and the cuts and grab backs, and this shirking of 'truth' pedaling the old hole of the , fuck me if I know, Mona you lassie butt fucker whats yer name... shes watching the old movie, lesbian and man and woman and man and death sawn and death sword and death squad Sepia toned shit box for every hard ass hero in America... at Washington State... strata? I think its what s its called... you gasbag.... where was she? At the corner, turning down London town, 1978 after the big march and you know how it went, a power tripper came along and squawked on the whole lot of us... we got fuckedgood and hard stereotypes and spies tramming us down, and whats his name blewing her happenstance harp anal oral grunting and foaming at the mouth... shit those were the days.. weren’t they ... she harried herself too... headed back to Paris, she was what ? that year, drunk and 26 with Lady G in Paris, and the lectures ... in the cold room... yes, and back to Italy back always back.. back to back...back...