Thursday, November 12, 2009


track the kindle word

On the back seat root and boot of roses, near that lilac marigold, chrysanthemum and biographical poses, the whist of root and peelings from potato and the rind of lemon,

In the cirrus lemon there's trees round her feet. Shes curling the lime tree to the ceiling of the sun. Citrus is too much, and alongthe colonnade naked women their asses glorious as god slay her. And revive her puffing chest __ this is love's first buck, and its good to become a reindeer on days like this.

She's naked in the birdcage with the woman from the bus.

It's love, love, and its naked ....

She loves their fleeing ....
Her curriculum 's done, and the syllabus is floral cursive toes . The custom is that at the pumpkin time they break the wood in two, finding four crosses in its stead.