Thursday, November 05, 2009

seeds and coat

_____________ Two nights are reading: Mona her paramour and the dog. The train gets on leaivng the bites behind. How you do that Mister Detective? Are you the spy of love's wicked bucket, its frummagy potatoe?Toes like that arrest the poet in her pint like shape. she's got caught loving the wrong man. O well, we take it, back. We are recovered heroes.
A knight reading. Eastern Europe which name was born. Centuries then and back. Among the olden Greeks, yep, remember 'long Thrace. Seeds and corn the Pythians rammed the hedge coast. Something to write to Spartacus about. And to say nonathing more about them spies and beast people from the upper end of the Empire. Reading the enemy.

You dont speak English. ... course, Im a little slut of the Empire, Ive no language teeth in my head, Im a bloody wound. Okay come back to here with me Hamlet.Miss sweet buttocks, thy ass is cry.

These roads are empty the echo of memory shades them
the doxa of the ancient hills