Monday, November 02, 2009

Hmmm of this

Irenic not truculent. Gnosti not agnostic. Agnatic. and utopian,thee Pipe eventing. The brother youngest to the young sons.
-_________________________ the grand poopah is reluctant perverse and invites wordless
not sayable there fondling, and sneaks around the nape neck, and crack of the ass. A crack so deep, one swim infinite seas in it.

O dear what lineal pervesities charm the camp, hell bound on swinging open the doors of the King's deisitc chamber! O Whores and periwinkles'||||||||||||||| this double venture's unseeable crevices tacked to the wall,of the forlorn hub, the whacky cavern packed with same sexed lovers, and gapers, voyeurs, perverts, lesbians, homosexual,sodomites, __ and this dear ones is onlly the most recent catalogue of coming to see, and coming to bear, the unique ones of sexual history, plasma and other darlings. Of the cyber stage. She's O darling dear the tinkle and turquoise suit you well.

____________________________ its just juxtaposed well agains the netted stockings and high relief bas of your bra. A naked twosome! An alone together! She danced cheek to cheek mascara slleeping an dspunk spilling all over all over the place.