Monday, November 09, 2009

pink and blue corsage

_______________________ Mona fRanny and ....

Listen darling word. Shes not spoon. Supper but bearing dark on her ribs. This's way found along thee spine. Puffed round twisted the twine? She's near to nearby there. Recite after moi inside her mouth. Shes caught between good and better, that's not caught its best. Shes the west.Hes the . Hes thewest of her ear.Round the back of her brain cap, called a head. Her heart fritters no its spans roofs,bridges and rooms fulled with the thing growing.
A bigger than city. Larger than lake and brook.

Now his cock's inside rocking theyre rocking lockedin the spacehull of her body. hes her his. his her. its double out. andthen more. wont say. at least thats now.

Jill signs with sigh ~ .