Monday, November 30, 2009


----------------------- Crusted lava laminate_____________

Over the summer letters and the enunciation she heard . And the veil. Sumer cared. And the overwalk and beside. Shear telling in its alluvial mist. Moist near to If these foolish would then this never might have become what it was and running it overcame its

So stop .

And has .

The stormy sea daily and working
toward the vein

This'd take away to carry its box. not a soft too tune to wreck its shipping. Piping on the twain

Call this appellation not interpellation. As when a man covers his crack. holding his swain martyring the soil of his body and the holy ghost comes. substance of itself full god and man the tarring wheel, cruxes to mystery compounded by real presence and the nard and air
crammed with the juices of the what? Mona 's head's busted broken hung down saddled off dangled mist rest

_____________Jill foreclosed on the moth battering off its ennui glib pule ~