Wednesday, November 11, 2009


a cloud of words Mozart the night clopping. His heels. What jester heels do render a knight heels? It's the cloud capped snowburst rising on the rainbow. That way heaps of nirvana fall on your head, the spiritual karmic atomic rock and roll. And Stravinsky the Russian bear, rifting those tools of the fireplace, and the sun's prattler, and the majestic lintel of berries and chairs, and this too has Mona's heart in place, her faring wheel and the feelings of factories and the applause of geese and the hamster of choice

bitten into the wounded sky marking time's silence with the blend of the forks in the wood There where choice has mated its favorite thing and the pasture of pattern the river of return the vagabond voyages and the Sirius of thought the melancholy of rue