Monday, February 22, 2010

Salue! salubrious!

And this was the resting beneath contempt! A soccer score daring any to challenge its beastly contentment. A rest pot and then a wax cylinder taking it off , the thing, wearing it down, boiling it up thinner. A goddess in her wax slack.

Okay hugger bugger here's its meted sow.A cow brindled by feet. And knocking the flap of the tent wide open. As they say. Wide and a roof wefted by tunnels. Not a funeral march you idiot a cross marking the past whence the no dial tone of the wicked refuse their peace. Piece. Another thing you'd wish on no one.

Tomorrow she finds welts along her backside
. that feels great she thinks.

O Mona with yer carrying case

and so many loose phone numbers! a cell phone slut like no other. It's intended to be a grace but in its place preserves no dice marmalade and jam. Banana peels and rotten gum!

You quixotic tout! Quick step me then hover bum. She's wished a thousand one ninnies on her to be lover.

And fucks them silly in his place. Imagine that scandal! if you can. You turpitude in place there's no room left for scandal in your pate.