Friday, February 19, 2010

the feral clash of wills


Run your head first. Stand by. Then getting helper. Not the thing. Enjoin the enjambment mouth of cylinder seeing. she's hep to the thing it worried.A language like this is not like. at all. At all burst the gap!

Jill i cant read that nomore . your breast is . yes. Mona fuzzes round the bedpost newel. Russian and the mental house. "Mental~" he's mental so Jacky deconstructing the minute instant|

Jill moves into strata deterritory her trademark is stamped across her ribcage. She's bald as bad tears.


Today buttocks round as bulbous fastening the fake event spectacle of the garnished show. Hot dogs and all dressed.

Mona leaning over the bed. I need coffee. Not baguettes. I need diagrams not shuffle boards or bathing suits. I cant make a revolt that endures the past time of present failure and demand.

Supply and Remand! Franny is hurried rushed swift as the bird, what do you call it? Tremulous.