Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rush along me jarvies

ah the clouds. this goodness gets in the way of thinking a clean shirt was all he said he needed after the war took everything else away no dogs but sacrifice the source of my teaching< is the riddle o...

The clouds batten down . Get in the path of thoughtless mood. Shirted and beridden|

Name it the rested moon where Bia's feet came to play. She withal wanted it. O boy she was a restless one cooking her beans in the frost. At the first of May she married ten boys and women. A true Athenian! and her dolmen sodomite !

__________________ Jill saying you don't make sense, and she did not work a n hour too soon before giving her god the fate. Seconded by the roughest _____________Ringggggggggggggggg  its a phone call from __ and she's wanting to know are you attending that talk tonight.? 

Cambered by the will of things she crumples down the staircase. Each landing  thud in her brain digging deeper into her crippled.