Thursday, February 25, 2010

potted plant

Jill's writing a hagiography and living one too. She's canonized by the upside down states of reverse triangles, and the wretched whores of the earth. All her sainted candles cupping their fingers and asscrack for love. A schizo needle in each pike pocket she's an absconded love locket to her darling pull . This girl knows her name now and masturbates to it nightly. Chicken liver soup and onion are her favorite variety dish.She's hunkered down with many a spoon . In his time,a nd for hers,she hefted her oiled skirts and took them all:men, boys, knights. Shushed to their living woo and wha-wha.

_________________________Mona's always had a deeper furrow than the average asstronaut and she's circled many a fine hen. To boot she's wit with her will off to the gogowithout morals.

____________________________________Pish! My turning true love there's noother.