Monday, February 01, 2010

compenting time

Time the jolly roger the unrepentant unemployment kept his true love from belly flops! Jonah barebacked compared to this thing. A 'rich' tapestry at the speed of its somnolence, and dinned in again again its wished for wave. Not the womb of its seeing nor its hearing . But the cutting swollen of its turning belly. Up the ladder for its seeing along the immigrants pave her boat.

If this grenadier had any passing fancy change it was held in standing place Jill the grommet_tweaker ___ parking self toughened by busted queues and plenty to huddle shore lines. No passing decision to this romping budder. She was a grotto gal and her cathedral port invented best by pavement knocking sanders.

Come along now you unfair fuddlers! this onion t hief has caught your crew.

Over the 19 plateau it was better. Less memory more stirring blocs hanging out the calender the fugue future becoming red ~ . Thus Jill's (and Mona's) employment.


Hang fast your precipitous baby!