Wednesday, February 24, 2010

gush and crackle

Hush little baby dont you fry! and the roasts in hell are very big! two thousand customers a plate!

_______________ !974 Kingsley hall for a visit. at the place bright and late. As always. sickly tardy theres the stink of shit and poverty upstairs... Mona's grabbed a hairfull wandering the steps and out the balcony... shes got a novel in her hand... shaking sick not eating.. and the weirdest thing is this... she hears voices from across ... its on the radio and the is she's not wrong... intelligentry like that... adore their star schizo ball busters and fancy doers... not this way but that... and what's that in the corner dribbling and yappin to itself... but a pair of rags.. no one cares about anymore...a shitty place to end your gripe about things... i'd say its tawdry  

_____________ Im going back to France Lady G warns him one last time her finger's wagging the hefty doubloon of admonishment she's perished with the dying of this place cant bear it... He's the size of his pocket watch and bearing south becoming a boat in his own time a ravelling schizo if you've ever seen one... powder dusted his balls...

not a crazy, just a lunatic.