Thursday, February 11, 2010

of these

__________So many went to bed. Came alive. A coarse the rifted case. Not daring splendid pipes but confused and collated lutes! So said Mona in her berry off lips and her merry up route._________________A rattling and caging! lean black and play your flute!

Return to Sender: jack to keel away my behovelies the boats's a sinder! Jack be nimble be quick Jack be medieveal Elizabethan and her bed couch covered in gigantic blankets. Guattari calls: Hold the horse, the book line and sinker is written to be read by 22 people while holding a black carpet in their hands. This lazy blonde says to meO you're te weep of town be my darling clementine and we can have big kisses wide as a mouth wise as a bed wise as a headland and the chiefs running along the terrace . Alongthe cove and over the top covering the lambsheet lambasted by the Aeloan tart winds, if such an expression can be. O Beauty O bevery Beauty How long I you poor words cared my drill none on the fine tulle.

_Mark this coat of pangolin! and the scaled love's amour to her beasty cry!
This way its a maiden aunt Oedipus and her motorcycle motorcade. Ambuscade to the gallowing drouth. I was rongtong bellow.
And the taxi sped and the ruin tore and the free chucked rime and the onion jar the molasses core the apple bear the honey poxy Orpheus 'wore'
a sarabande (it's the minim best he's requited) and the went saw high (through a fast glass darkening!) and the box drew nigh and the and th_ La folie! la folie espangole ~

________________________________The End ____________________

A mOuth closing hut.