Sunday, February 14, 2010

Taste not class

HEre her __________________ desert was dissertation to that plymouth plumbline of the groin going south. Buckled by its last pittance its grab and tattered grab me all.

Busted. Worn. Cut off and parenthesized shes got zippered. Mouthed .

Add this toast to your burlesque ass and hold my burger close to the city's long gone nave.

O tower! O fowler O dictionary

____________She resting her sass mouth on the pole. Rides hard and loving Arms around the good class. Of working. And bit by bit assembles a crew.

_____________________________ Open the box see outside. Hear the apple fall far from the potoate. Next its breakfast and its 1972. ___________A year afterward she's pregnant and they marry. Moving into Paris, came the lectures and poems. And the schizz flow. And then break. O Worry of War! and the god reaction bearing in on them the southern corset! Get out o Cross.!
O fatty bears! O shaking hamburger meat of dead European bison!
________________________Where do they live: 20 Antoine bis.
________________________________Meet Fanny and Cp go for a stroll. Never return Reprse of schizo wake and walking. Tours of the old guarded ville .