Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ami Comin anyhoW

Alright mister Bastinado! your forts have bitched up long enough. Off with those whiskers and pillared aloofs. Your Chines wardrobe knows no place like that body.

__________Okay take the durantion pardon. Off the collar bone. What does that add up to? Forceps for the baby precepts for the lawn? __________________bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the machine goes long and forth. Back to Borde and bordeaux.. Along the place at Limoges she heard the tinny whistle of its flute.

Get along you mandrake there's a forest to be torn.

______________________Mona studies day t hen night. Holding up queer shape and odd clappers. Her peepers are word if'd and weary!

Omy gawd! what she gonna say to Prof. Challenger. THe daughter marries the son the baker gets hostile and they all go off to coyote country.

Coquetry breaks and the next thing you know its created a tribe,a clan, a glen, a gathering of its own. Its very own.
________________________________So then. that's that for now _folksies.