Saturday, February 13, 2010


She lived in side of a violin keeping the case near her feet. Feeling the river rise on the ridge of her Venus she played night and day along its skimpy bow. Rendering the fact a trying truth for to fess her rent. Sshe's tired of oppresses and their bullfight bullshit. That makes the whole world! fuck she's screwd but not inside Mozart. There's shes free a s a window rainbowing bird singing the darts of her song. No bastard can catch her there|Nor the betrayals nor treacheries of friendship with an O. (as in) O shit I forgot my fuck! Nor old hagbags and parities of feeling sorry for the kettle jet bums . This death of their jack hacks would liberate thosuand of pounds of energy. Syngery to the devil's own belonging. Fuck them the dad cops and their pricknifiers of lackback and the shackshitsugar_ Nor the priests of Christianitty that bastard rose from the dead of its cannibal beast. O he says its funny! O christian! Kiss my padoodle. Zarathustra once said to us! O remember my friends the Nazarene died too younG!