Thursday, October 15, 2009

Was Jill born

Was Jill born first __ happy hustler of the ringing thing| Come again you question. Test your toes on the water, then knee the campaign! Aint she a caution, flirting the way she do. Not perish the thought, but hand her the dish. She's got differences rolling out of her eyes, with her old fashioned veil. It's worthy of all the narcotic sissy cats you ever seen. Now she's writing Hume the portrait of the philosopher as a passionate hero!

Jill catches up. Hither and thither her elbow makes Franny face feel better.She's Mona's next sister.

Some call it bonhomie. Others
suspicious of its concantenacious self deliver rhubards to the ears of .... substance. Mister Aristotle has beans in his bags. Mimicking all the Platos he can get handing over Homer he's got plot, theme, style, drama, and high mindedness all wrapped up. "All wrapped up" now there's a phrase worth pondering. And on the bus then? What of it? Drop it! paleeese. I am in the back porch? Are you there? Hum along my cherries we are split peas before the dozen of beans.

Like I am studying philosophy? She she she wear green pants and yellow skirts, and her brain is high-five to the fiery fine wind!

Yorkshire pudding and damp weeds down by the yard. We are a country of mazes an
d remarkable cups.