Sunday, October 18, 2009

magic carpet

Chiasmus is a cutting rope ~

Ever seen the Tao of Physics, thought Jack who loved K. and
laughed because he was so happy. Then walked in the wind to the nearest
to outer space and find a relativity vector slipped along the
cyber wind. Meeting her 'on' this magic carpet__ doesnt take much add
a T
for even
He spoke song her
name. All the laughter in her Troy and herstory and history too! He
laughed physics all day long, especially as he got in
K's manse and they sang again bird walkers in the rhizomatic mode:
the movement of the moment. Bye for now, he __.

Desire? what desire it's delirious desire
that ... something something something She's ripcorded agin' tippin' her halfpast.
Shucks we'd get temples for such becomings wearing these gowns.


Mona scrabbled the air was sheep of fragment whimsical as the head of cheese, the ram goat bucking its swan ready for the old goat. Oh goan you silly thing. Yer' love's dog. Perish the habit, it's a trustworthy hope wishing a salt like you a good day. By the mother of the living philosopher herself! give us a 'break' and sure enough it was so.

________________________________ Fanny has an announcement
Her daughter, not exactly Nietzsche's daughter, speaks in analogies and similes. However!
We're not sure, like, we 're not, like whatever, how they have sex. If having sex is like then what is?

She woofs the shiver across her back.O they coupled copulated and love was hot something hot hot hot something .