Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JIll Blowing 2

This way the lamp comes. She's night and squired she's page to his boy. he's boyman to womangirl.s he wants her him. This way they've unzipped the body boy without organs.
Dont be a litteralist fool JackyD. Its about intensities . Zone of passion Ya dig.Shes the room to his
silhouette and tearing down his teeth.

Jill blowlamping her peepers. She's cuffed her embyronic shape. Her wrists untied his compose redone his come to hap. it hap happen'd this way.

shes lusting after this woman. hes a man. its me. yer me. shes hisr boy. yer his mama. Mama love swinging roun' the pole. North South lObe love. Suck yr toes.
shes in the land _ they make love he cry Mama. He cry O mama
of the midnight moon O the sun's the peeping thru her bedroom. she's yanked right into her down there all the way up her spine her cat her pussy her .

theres nothing she can do.
he pants her heart art
and dig
yet he cant see it as much he can
Franny migth and he might
Jill hurries her hair. She holds back the string stir. it hurts rocking her night. her body's gone song in him. he's her.

__________ franny : how does one write?
how?||||||||||||||||||||||| One writes like this and remembers that the ...... know more about it.... than the ......

yes , yes . Love. Yes.