Friday, October 30, 2009


conceit______________________ EXTEnded MetapHOr manner Ism. She had manner galore. She liked to the way. its the double dare love. Lust by rave and night. O come all ye faithful. I am hussy to the softprayer. Come to your splay.
repeat a
toward your body round as naked. Come to its sweat. Its wheat. or corralled horses. Shes wild as stallion. Stage coach, wild dance girl.

petending a poet||||||pending a poet. pending. pending this Jill was sapped with love's square root. Her boot was tweaked with buttercups. Shes ugly as naked wind. Not campers on the plain. or Abraham offto meet his moth god, his monotheistic sandal.
Shipping thelimber for Issac she came the sun.