Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AgNoStic after the Fact

gnomic lurking....
agnostic after the face. not a cheap neurosis bending....okadoka Mona genius in a bottle by
Tottel's miscellany we gandered
We heaped mean on pell mell

and kerchiefs


She's tweeted her horn.Unbuttoned her buckles snapping the hoop makes love. Her gradient variety saint is painting hope and sainthood. This way her niveau is surfed to its happy relusions and forward march. Tramp! Tramp!~ O Counterpane!

that ancient anthologist
put the songs sonnets and varied other
verses, and poems OUt
yet he bowlderrized! some of it!
the old hound! cut_Richard' so called first 'printed' anthology.

__________________________________ Fanny's a literary scholar searching and hunting all truths, the slip of gloss and the remain of pen.

________________________O I Know where is an hind