Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hold your fricatives

____________________ Hold your fricatives!
_____________________ You Posse of sundering apes. Glad to be breast and beast we're mouthingthe ape of death, and the eternal rebreath. Come you wise guys, and second story gals, you're wisecracking seen its day.

And Jill undoes the nap of sack the wheel of farming couture and the baked sun. She loves this way, and gives all. Voila! ___________________ O it's down to brass tacks, the racket's unavoidable, and her gear's good to go. Lover's much mouth kissed sucked of f the running fin.
O fish!
O porpoise!

O rudder
______________________________ Skim the milk, and don't bring my bible. It's Jesus Christ the kidnapped one hanging off the cross of coal fried contradictionary.