Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never mind

Now she' ll please the 5th and plead the fifth. I effervescent never got the call.

Never mind the rain its only your subjectivity that counts. As you hop skip and hump. Was that a bump in the fifth ?

Excuses her self she's cutting numbers . O come again, really? I sat in the yard? and like then heard the 'soldat' he was coming. I could hear the name of the thistle branch as it cracked under his weight.

Mona: there cant be interruptions to this work, as much as you wanted to discourse it, and expostulate. Or say its expostulate it's too bad, but things do change. yes, they does. She does it well, like a jerkin worn inside then out, and cutting off her breast she's Amazon to a schizoid sense of beginning imbibing the 'true self'.