Saturday, January 30, 2010

tussle toss

Tussle the toss of pranks

your heart is a soft butter. A tanka to sweeten that honey ear. Paired by words and silence healed by hemmers picking their thought. A canopy that marked ringing night. THat's the geogrpahy of souls, and her sense of humour's haweked by rought bright night. He'd moved your socks to the bed end of sighing. Rattle cage. This way your body'd roar like it's never done.

Yer chewing cheese Mona, not cheese whiz but cheese cheese the broken pedlar. Something like that. 1976 and we are coming back to Montreal, our son's in France with his grandparents grande parenting notre jeune. Oui on  rappelle ca. Alors. YEs, we arrive and its bookS EveRyWhere in the Soft of the AparTment we live.. IN. Mona lives live. Curtains drawn drownded by the air of the Bleak. She odes  her does not live the crofted life and lief of the downers. Some others drunk drink rather to bland their sorrow down. You buy  lost and found consoling yourself with the thought that life is life and it's taught better than read. We're missing exciting times and lectures. We go to 'coffee houses' as the things are called destined to be gentrified  fancy restaurants 2 decades later a little less. Some where around there. You meet a symboitic spy . Ass hole.

We tell his name to our friend reading Guattari and laing. We get married. We are safe we are landed immigrants in the landed payee of immigrance.

She becomes the best thighs in the Eastern end . No the west end of what is called the Plateau. Jill with Jack starts a company called Milles Plateaus. Down the street, Boyer street to be exact, theres a PROVIGO __ Sign in the Window_ fora  year: MIlles Plateaux. We fly back to Paris, that late spring never telling a soul

Something about the son and daughter and the Wall . Coming alon g and down. O totaliatiarian regimes of brutal  endings. Beginnings. Time for cinema and quick fixes. Run to the west end leave come back. Poetry readings with her in bed becoming.