Monday, January 18, 2010

you name decreation

Dehiscence its obvious part. The man's mask face fickle sick. She wears the dumbshow one with him. Brutal bastard. He bats her. around the kitchen sink(ing)__ (shes a slut with the marrying type). that's how stare comes. Mona running then out the window over the chimney topped roof. The tenth arrondissement __ Inside the pipe down to the alley_enfranchised by lover's fool, cool to temper madness __ Cobble stone stew of fear and fleer. Fell to the sidewalk. Rushed out the borrow'd knife. Ran to the waiting bus. Off to the lecture. She'd made it once too again. The man's terrifying beautiful rasp voice pulling up the long of idea and its hasped melody of rasp in the room. Along the wall. She's freed as a Texaco. Not the cattle of southern France. They aint none you nut. Schizophrenic perpendicular to growing rectangular self thing. Ovoid to the blues.