Friday, January 29, 2010

furthest then

Fuck this . She. And its mozart, latticework covering her brain . The universal voice. Her way of asking me to make love.After the death. Raging fuming. Asking not asking. The wind . And its blue. It blue the wind blue.mystic moonlight and fanlight. Not the name but the pose of its statuesque strength

shes as busstop naked to her dark skin .l

Loin to her pearl misted by the ray of sun

Ship steaming over ... the waves beat back.. in the bin.

She's in bed Mona beside . Her. Besidesque . He's home writing the Jack tales. Inside the plateau its a breasted splash in the water of salvation. Take nothing literally. Love. the dog

that sees everything a grade B love affair. No distance no proxmiity only the contiguous He's wriitng they're cuddling kissing kittens Mona & Jill the becoming double Mary & Martha the voice talking in the wall