Monday, January 25, 2010


 This is absurd. She say. Live in Berlin after 1977. What do you do there? wait for holiday of wall to fall cheapest tawdry shit box dump of decadent layabout in western 'free-world.' All the hangers on. The left over and refuse of revolt. Gone bad sour grapes gripes to keep them busy. Years later, its cheaper for Europeans to travel. Whats new? they started the wars, and now saddle the glober with the temporary fever of democracy for their right.

Mona frequent fucker non frequent flier. Game but and by the lobe of her heel she's a trump card getting on the cadet field. No wonder she's sworn in as a whoore.

"her bodyis a wire of desire . her voice in bed? how come

I’d love to see this one naked. hot sweaty and see how her arse looks as she heaps up fucks

looks like a great fuck"

this is the heard word inthe shop the kittycat house where she hung her threads at 23 . Then the lectures came and O that hippy idealism faded fast enough. Specially when you saw the police truncheons bashing in skulls in Berlin near. the Wall. O the wall. And the righteous communist and righteous good citizens all mourning of the Federal German Republic.

So her first homosexual love. Affair schizophrenia and the bottle the bible imbibled inbibled in her deterritorialized self-raving.