Thursday, January 07, 2010

over there

Organic parting . Weaving the closed |maid and woman become.
Chip .Chip. Move it

husk it sheave it fork it plane it buy it. Come along you merry buggers! ... curve the calliope... the horn moon betters its neighbors ...

Outside is in . She's crowned pronoun to her bedding. The first captive lover is spent.

______________She's gone .

__________________________Others come. Otters to her pendent noose.

And after all that the arden sense of lush and the perpendicular dust. As for the Americans and their puritan militant voices we don't care what they think. It's Logic

of sense as Franny wheels in her cradle and sign taker. O come along. In the hallway dusty tomes of a sodden kind line the wall.

Okay later your lovely.

Hear that thing panting in the flood.