Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Coo and cocoon and ooh the curve the movement it's what make the round ball. of her . globe and mouth around

and we must rid ourselve of the fascist I and the Eye which is I which Is Not you And YOu
________________ End Plateau fascist: start then with flowcup/luff flood

Jill frying pan in hand moulting mouth fractured opened after the news. deluged of death. cries in restaurant.

and your soul body begins where your fractured lame body leave soff. Soft to the portal of your Soft tothe portal of your proctor. In these doctor and shed woods. Love is a wool .

Love's a veiled lady rushing by. It is not 1956______________ In 1979 _ She drank a lottoomuch surrending its bottle to the whiskey god gypsy.
___________> Non one spoke English. Paris 1979-turning to 80. The winter years of that decade presentimented the winter century___ the longish draggish winter of the disassociated ones. And the bodies ruin and you gourd found empire waste and pillage and her breast and pomegranate